UK Charity Commission Investigates Effective Ventures Foundation Over FTX Deal

• UK’s Charity Commission has announced that it is investigating the charity organization Effective Ventures Foundation.
• The inquiry is related to funding deals between the charity and collapse cryptocurrency exchange FTX.
• FTX was a „significant funder“ of Effective Ventures.

The UK’s Charity Commission has revealed that it is carrying out an investigation into the charity organisation Effective Ventures Foundation. This inquiry is related to the funding deals between the charity and the now-collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

The Commission, which is responsible for regulating charity organisations in the UK, announced the investigation via a press release on Monday. The inquiry was opened on 19 December 2022, following the news of FTX’s bankruptcy proceedings in the United States.

FTX was founded by former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, who was arrested in December and is out on bail. He is facing multiple charges, including wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

According to the Commission’s announcement, the inquiry into Effective Ventures stems from the charity’s report that FTX’s bankruptcy was a „serious incident“. The report also revealed that the philanthropic arm of FTX had been a „significant funder“ of the charity’s activities.

The Charity Commission is currently investigating if the charity breached any regulations in regards to its financial management, conflicts of interest, and any potential misappropriation of funds.

The Commission also noted that it is working with other regulators, including the US Bankruptcy Court and the Financial Conduct Authority, in order to ensure that the charity’s activities are in line with the law.

In the press release, the Commission confirmed that it is making sure that the charity is being transparent about its dealings and that it is taking all necessary steps to ensure that the charity’s assets are protected. The Commission is also looking into whether any funds have been used for purposes other than what they were intended for.

The investigation is ongoing and no further details have been revealed at this time. However, the Commission is expected to make an announcement once the inquiry is complete.

Uniswap v3 Proposal Approved: $1.2B TVL & Large User Base on BNB Chain

• 0xPlasma Labs proposal for Uniswap v3 approved by community with 80.28% of participants voting in favour
• Proposal seeks to have Uniswap v3 deployed on the BNB Chain to benefit from its $1.2 billion TVL and large user base
• Uniswap Governance vote expected to go to a final vote in coming weeks

Decentralized exchange Uniswap’s v3 protocol could be deployed on the BNB Chain soon after a majority of participants in a community vote gave the move a thumbs up. 0xPlasma Labs, a decentralized finance (DeFi) and Metaverse NFTs platform, introduced the Uniswap proposal on 12 December 2022. On 22 January 2023, 0xPlasma Labs announced that 6,495 holders of Uniswap native token UNI voted in favour, giving the proposal a total of 80.28% of the votes.

20 million UNI tokens were locked as part of the process, the biggest number for the entire Uniswap Governance History. This is a testament to the overwhelming support for the move to deploy Uniswap v3 on the BNB Chain. 4.9 million UNI tokens, representing 19.72% of the holders, were against the move.

The proposal seeks to have Uniswap v3 deployed on the BNB Chain, which could benefit from the ecosystem’s nearly $1.2 billion in TVL and a large, growing user base. The final governance vote is expected to take place in the coming weeks.

The introduction of Uniswap v3 on the BNB Chain could be a major boost to the ecosystem, with the potential to increase liquidity, reduce slippage and improve user experience. It would also be a major step forward in the development of the BNB Chain, which is already home to some of the most successful DeFi projects in the world.

The success of the proposal has been met with enthusiasm from the Uniswap community, with many celebrating the potential for the protocol to expand into new ecosystems. Despite the opposition from some UNI holders, the majority of the community is in favour of the proposal and is looking forward to the final vote.

If the proposal is approved in the final vote, Uniswap v3 will be deployed on the BNB Chain, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for both the Uniswap and BNB Chain ecosystems. This could be a major milestone for both projects, and the entire DeFi space in general.

Frontier Wallet Launches In-Browser Extension: Stake Tokens, Transfer NFTs & More!

• Frontier Wallet brings in-browser wallet support for Sui, Aptos, and 33 other cryptocurrencies.
• Users can use the wallet to stake tokens, transact, store, and transfer NFTs.
• The wallet also supports bridging between networks, allowing users to transfer tokens between different blockchain networks.

Frontier, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, has recently launched its Frontier in-browser wallet extension. This wallet extension brings in-browser wallet support for 35 cryptocurrencies, including Sui and Aptos. This new wallet will provide users with a one-stop platform for interacting with dApps, allowing them to stake tokens, transact, store, and transfer NFTs without having to switch between applications.

The wallet also supports bridging between networks, a process that allows users to transfer tokens between different blockchain networks. To facilitate this, Frontier has built APIs for networks such as Near, Solana, Cosmos, and others. These APIs allow users to access their balances and transactional history. This is a major game changer, as it simplifies the process of transferring tokens between networks and makes it easier for users to access their funds.

Besides its ability to bridge between networks, the wallet also offers several other features. For instance, users will be able to stake their tokens and earn rewards. This is a great way for users to earn passive income and increase their holdings. The wallet also supports NFTs, allowing users to store and transfer them between networks.

Overall, the Frontier in-browser wallet is a great addition to the DeFi ecosystem. It provides users with a convenient platform for interacting with dApps and managing their funds, and its bridging capabilities allow them to easily transfer tokens between networks. With its growing list of supported cryptocurrencies, the wallet is sure to become a popular choice among DeFi users.

Bithumb Exchange Ordered to Pay $202,400 in Damages to 132 Customers

• South Korean Supreme Court has ordered Bithumb exchange to pay damages to 132 customers affected by a service outage.
• The exchange is supposed to pay $202,400 (251.4 million won) in damages, ranging from $6 to $6,400.
• Initially, a district court had ruled against the customers before the matter was moved to the Supreme Court which overturned the earlier ruling.

The South Korean Supreme Court has recently ordered Bithumb, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, to pay damages to 132 customers affected by a service outage on January 12, 2023. Bithumb had a one and a half hour outage on the day in question that caused customers to lose funds.

The Supreme Court ruled that Bithumb exchange should pay damages equivalent to $202,400 (251.4 million won) with customers being paid as little as $6 to as much as $6,400. According to the final ruling by the Supreme Court, the burden or the cost of technological failures should be shouldered by the service operator, not [the] service users who pay commission for the service.

The matter initially went to a district court which ruled against the customers before the matter was moved to the Supreme Court which overturned the earlier ruling and issued a final ruling on the matter. The service outage was caused by a sudden surge in the average amount of orders per hour coupled with bottle-necked transaction flows.

Bithumb has been ordered to pay out the damages to the affected customers as per the ruling by the Supreme Court. This is a precedent setting ruling as it sets the tone for how cryptocurrency exchanges should handle service outages in the future. It is also a reminder for exchanges to invest in better technology and infrastructure to ensure smooth operations.

The ruling is a win for customers as it ensures that they are compensated for their losses in case of any service outages. It is also a reminder that customers should take necessary precautions while dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges and be aware of their rights as customers.

Michael Saylor se retira de ‚Periodismo Creativo‘, dice que no se deshace de BTC

Michael Saylor ha dicho que no tiene planes de deshacerse de Bitcoin Superstar (BTC) por un activo de mejor rendimiento. El CEO de MicroStrategy hizo los comentarios en respuesta a las historias que circulan en los medios de comunicación principales, y recogidas por las publicaciones de criptografía, alegando que se desharía de BTC por un activo con mejores rendimientos.

Desde entonces Saylor ha llamado a lo que él describe como „periodismo creativo“. De hecho, según sus últimos tweets, la leyenda de la BTC de la noche a la mañana todavía parece completamente convencida de la futura relevancia de Bitcoin.

Olvida lo que has oído, Saylor no tiene planes de liquidar las acciones de BTC

La sugerencia de que Saylor de MicroStrategy se desharía de sus recientes participaciones en Bitcoin parece originarse en un artículo de Bloomberg. Afirma que Saylor „no es un criptodemócrata“ y que vendería su posición „si los rendimientos de los bonos suben“.

Posteriormente, las publicaciones de noticias de criptocracia recogieron la historia. Esto causó una especie de reacción contra Saylor:

Las historias fueron una gran sorpresa para la industria de la cripto-moneda. Recientemente, Saylor se convirtió en una leyenda instantánea gracias a su audaz juego de inversiones.

Las apariciones en un gran número de podcasts desde la noticia de la compra de BTC de MicroStrategy en bancarrota sugirió a los defensores de la criptografía que Saylor había hecho sus deberes. Empezando por Anthony Pompliano, el CEO dijo a varios podcasters que está en Bitcoin a largo plazo.

De hecho, el empresario y consultor Brandon Quittem creó un hilo de Twitter con lo más destacado de algunas de las entrevistas:

Los posteriores tweets del propio Saylor parecían confirmar que el director general ha caído en la proverbial madriguera del conejo

Dado el ascenso de Saylor de estar fuera de la criptografía a un estatus legendario de la noche a la mañana, la „noticia“ de que no está tan comprometido con la BTC como dice que inicialmente conmocionó a la industria. Sin embargo, las historias provocaron una respuesta del CEO:

En el siguiente tweet, Saylor afirma que no hay „ninguna verdad“ detrás de los recientes titulares. Continúa llamando a las acusaciones „periodismo creativo“.

Como si fuera a insistir en su punto de vista, Saylor luego tweeteó sobre la seguridad de Bitcoin contra la del oro. En las últimas apariciones en podcasts, dejó claro que cree que el BTC es superior al metal precioso gracias a la relativa escasez de ambos activos.

Refiriéndose a la creciente tasa de hachís de Bitcoin, Saylor señaló que la BTC es casi 20 billones de veces más segura que en 2010. Yuxtapuso esto con el propio historial de seguridad del oro:

Was erwartet mich beim Live-Casino

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