This Wall Street terror continues to buy bitcoin in spades – Its hoard is now worth $ 2.48 billion

A real bitcoin buying fever – Impossible to stop MicroStrategy in its investments in Bitcoin (BTC). The NASDAQ-listed company may have already accumulated a colossal nest egg in the king of cryptos, it still needs more.

A golden mountain consisting of 71,079 BTC

It’s official. MicroStrategy has just revealed on its site a document outlining its new bitcoin investment with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

This time around, Michael Saylor’s company announced the purchase of 295 BTC for $ 10 million , an average price of just over $ 33,800 per bitcoin.

As of the document’s filing date of February 2, 2021, MicroStrategy now has the mind-blowing total of nearly 71,079 bitcoins .

As a reminder, it all started in August 2020, when the company caused an earthquake in the cryptosphere – which was felt even in traditional finance – by announcing its first purchase of $ 250 million of bitcoins , or 21,454 BTC at the time.

The firm then followed up with purchases of the precious cryptocurrency, in particular thanks to a fundraising (via the issue of bonds) of $ 550 million last December.

Today’s buy isn’t even the first of 2021, as the publicly traded company had already bought $ 10 million worth of bitcoin this January

MicroStrategy’s 71,079 bitcoins were acquired for a total of $ 1.145 billion , for an average purchase price of around $ 16,109 per bitcoin . A hell of a capital gain of nearly 117% , since these BTCs have a value of 2.48 billion dollars at the current price.

This tweet from Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, sums up what he sees as the “formula for success”: getting up early, working late… and buying bitcoin! The leader is no longer just crypto-enthusiastic, but has become a Bitcoin evangelist outright.

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